Acne No More is not the typical product you think of when treating acne. Rather than a cream or a lotion, this is an eBook that offers all natural treatments for all severities of acne. It is a book that offers menu plans, advice, tips, and tricks and so much more, all backed by research with proven results, and an awesome money-back guarantee. But is Acne No More worth the $39.95 price tag?

Acne No More has been around for several years now and there have been thousands of people to use the eBook with success. Those people were able to find a cure for acne and not some simple treatment that masks the pimples for a few weeks.

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Is Acne No More worth your time and money? Let’s see what real people have to say, and then you can decide for yourself.

Danyelle Smith of Phoenix, AZ was pleased with the eBook. She said: “I never fathomed spending $40 on a computer file, bit I must say this is the best investment that I have ever made. Acne had been a problem in my life for many years, and nothing seemed to help. This eBook showed me the way and I have been acne free for eight months already.”

Mitchell P. of Raleigh, NC is another user who benefited with the eBook. He said: “Acne No More far exceeded my expectations and thanks to the information inside I am now without pimples. I had severe acne for more than a year till this book come along.”

Jordan Clay of Indianapolis, in said this about Acne No More: “I am so glad that I bought Acne no More. While skeptical at first, this eBook outlived all of my expectations and has provided me with acne-free skin that is beautiful! I recommend this eBook to anyone.”

Amber R. of Los Angeles, CA had her say as well. “I think that Acne No Moe is awesome. It is well-written and easy to read, and contains plenty of real information inside of each page. I have used this information and have achieved my great completion back, all without any signs that pimples were a bother to me.”